Vestas Towers Factory, Pueblo, Colorado, USA

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Vestas Towers Factory, Pueblo, Colorado, USA

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The new V126-3.0 MW turbine has a rotor diameter of 126 metres to target low wind conditions (i.e. wind class IEC III) and features a structural shell blade design. The well-known blade design...
Introducing the optimized 3 MW platform. The V105 3.3 MW, V112 3.3 MW, V117 3.3 MW and V126 3.3 MW with rotor diameters ranching from 105 to 126 meters covers low, medium and high wind with...
The Obstacle Collision Avoidance System – or OCAS – is an innovative solution that only activates the lights when an aircraft is operating in the immediate vicinity of a wind power plant. This...
Designed for low and medium wind speed sites, the V112-3.0 MW turbine delivers a highly competitive cost of energy.

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Watch three Vestas turbines roll through Copenhagen. It was not an easy task to transport them through the city, but all components reached Copenhagen Harbor in the late evening without any problems.
A case study of lost production factor, illustrating the predictability and business case certainty provided by the 2 MW platform.
Vestas Load and Power Modes is designed to increase the flexibility of individual turbines, exploit optimum power curves of each turbine within your site, maximise energy production and protect...
Vestas siting services can help you evaluate potential wind sites and optimize the layouts of your wind power plants.

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Interview with Anders Runevad, the new CEO of Vestas
The windfloat of the coast of Portugal
An introduction to Vestas' mission to put wind on a par with oil and gas an energy source.
Denmark is a world leader when it comes to developing tomorrow's green, flexible and intelligent power system - a power system where the generation, transport and consumption of power is linked...

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Watch an interview with Morten Albæk, Vestas who elaborates on why he believes Wind for Prosperity will succeed long-term.

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Last week we commissioned first V100-1.8MW turbines in Hopefield, which is our largest project ever in South Africa. It was also the first EPC project for our South African team, meaning that...
Beautiful documentary about Vestas' 420 MW Macarthur wind farm takes you on a 20 minute journey of our iconic project as it unfolded.
Watch a 5 minutes video about Australia’s 420 MW Macarthur project, which is the largest wind farm in the Southern Hemisphere.
Vestas' first full scale produced V112-3.0 MW turbines have been loaded on to a ship, set for the long journey to the 420 MW Macarthur project in Australia.

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Bringing transparency to the usage of renewable energy among the world's largest corporations.
WindMade™ is the first global consumer label identifying products and corporations made with wind energy.
Vestas is talking to carbon conscious corporations about the benefits of investing directly in wind energy. More info on
"Consumers and corporations will create and alliance", says Morten Albæk, Group Senior Vice Presidet, Group Marketing and Customer Insight.
Launch of global Corporate Renewable Energy Index...

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How is working life and corporate culture when you’re an engineering professional? Experienced Vestas engineers give their view on daily challenges, responsibility, making a difference and being...
Vestas has more than 20,000 employees all over the globe. Learn what it is like to work with an innovative, global company that is working towards a greener future with wind power.
Engineers at Vestas design, create, test and install wind turbines that tower more than 90 metres from the ground and in the sea to bring clean, renewable energy to more than 65 countries. Care to...

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B-roll showing the Vestas global headquarters, Aarhus, Denmark. Exterior only. Download "original" to get the Full HD version.
A short video on water consumption, as part of "The power of transparency" CREX launch.
A short video on consumer preferences, as part of "The power of transparency" CREX launch.
A short video on comparison of countries and energy consumption, as part of "The power of transparency" CREX launch.

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Project siting is critical to optimising production. Site Assessment models evaluate the likely performance in both stable and unstable wind flows.
In addition to validating the product design, verification testing is about examining the degree of compliance with customer expectations.
In the Vestas Test Centre, real life conditions are replicated to subject designs to harsh tests.
The best approach is bottom-up testing from component level to systems, prototypes and complete modules.

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As with any industry, wind energy investors need the confidence that comes from a robust business case. That is why we have developed cutting-edge technology to mitigate the unpredictable nature of...
Committed to integrity and transparency in all actions and communications, Vestas has its own Code of Conduct.
Vestas designs turbines to reduce their negative impact on the environment as much as possible.
Safety is of utmost importance for Vestas. All hazards can be managed, and all risk can be mitigated.