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Ministers and other top politicians from EU's member states had a close look at Vestas - and a spin in the world's fastest electric car - when vistiting Vestas in Aarhus on Sunday.
For many of our colleagues at Vestas, working with the wind is much more than a job, it is a passion. Watch a video about three of them here.
“My work involves analysing the wind data which...
A small laboratory in Denmark puts the chemicals which go into Vestas’ blades to the test. Watch a short video demonstrating just how science is contributing to lowering production costs and...
A successful test run, transporting a 55 meter blade from the Lauchhammer factory to Denmark, shows the potential of rail transport in Europe, which could reduce both cost and CO2 emissions.
Vestas’ industry leading testing capabilities and unique testing protocols ensure new products are designed to the highest possible quality.
Solar panels on the roof and Denmark's largest ground thermal heating system down below. The final sustainable technology is now being installed at the building site in Aarhus soon to become...
From our internal TV channel, The Hub TV: Vestas Technology R&D is exploring the potential of augmented reality technology. Watch a short video about this amazing futuristic technology as well as a...
Approximately 100 team members were employed at the Towers factory in Pueblo, Colorado at the beginning of 2010. Now, the number is above 450.
Since the very first day, the factory has made a...
After two months of high voltage electricity being blasted into the nacelle for the V112-3.0 MW, the results are very positive. The tests are part of the lightning immunity compliance and the...